Fork is a tiny take away place in the famous university city road that has a really tiny menu with very limited stuff. I found the service to be extremely terrible. The person serving us could not be any less interested. We almost seemed like a liability to him. And that put us off a lot. Really disappointed with that.


What we had;

Nutella Dantel (2pcs) [20AED]: Arabic Chebab smothered with extra extra nutella. Was not my favourite per say as it was over loaded with nutella – if that is even a thing haha.

Fork Balls [3 pcs min 21AED]: I absolutely loved the idea of these balls. They were my favourite! There were a few flavours to pick from. We had asked the server serving us to get us two of each as there were 4 of us yet he managed to skip on the shrimps one. Awesome. However, my favourite has to be the mix of cheese, falafel and chicken burger. Chicken burger was the best. So delicious and crunchy – a perfect snack. One thing that was a little surprising was that when we bit into the cheese and chicken variant, the shredded chicken was cold on the inside. Did not enjoy that.


Fork Shakes: We tried Lotus, Coffee, Chia Seeds and Falooda. I really liked the lotus milkshake but it was warm so did not really enjoy it to the fullest. Falooda was really delicious too. Coffee is extremely bitter – heads up for people who are not into concentrated coffee.


Fork Bubbles (strawberry & chocolate) [20AED]: These were really nice but I have had better. The eating part was a complete mess. However, the strawberry one has to be my personal favourite. Comes with three scoopes of ice cream, bubble waffle, cream and what not. Not bad though.

Final Verdict: I really feel they need to work on their service staff – very dull uninterested. The food is good especially the fork balls. They are a must try.

Ambience: N/A

Service: ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦

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