Located in the Fashion Avenue of Dubai Mall, this restaurant has to have one of the best views of the water show and the burj khalifa ever. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we had to opt for outdoor seating. It was absolutely beautiful – facing the Souk al Bahar and the Burj Khalifa.

The place was jam packed for a weekday but thankfully there were plenty servers so we did not really feel the delay in the service. However, I can recall that at one point I literally asked 3 people to get a bottle of water over the course of  30 mins and still nothing.

What we had;

Blazing Prawns Halloumi [59AED]: I loved the sauce these fried prawns were served in. It still was relatively crunchy and very juicy. I think you should skip on the halloumi when you do have it – it was very salty and rubbery.


Double Chicken Slider [85AED]: This dish is way too pricey for what you are being served. These sliders were not bad; no. Just that they were very plain and nothing out of the usual. There was not enough sauce/ dressing in the sliders which made it very dry.


Oreo Milkshake [32AED], Saffron Cheesecake Drink [37AED]: All the shakes I tried that day were a massive let down. None of them were liked by me or my friend. Very watery and diluted. Didn’t like it one bit. I would not recommend any of them to you.

Rose Lemonade [35AED]: As I thought all hope was lost, this lemonade came to the rescue. I loved it! So refreshing and tasted so delicious!


Italian Queen [69AED]: I normally don’t like thin crust pizzas but this was delicious! A vegetarian pizza with loads of cheese on top! One of my favs from here.


Chicken Tagliatella [79AED]: A creamy white sauce pasta with chicken bits. What an absolute delight it was eating this. The portion size could be easily shared between 3 people.


Shrimps Risotto [129AED]: This is probably the second time in my life that I am trying risotto and not going to lie – I am loving it. I loved the risotto served at 3rd Avenue. It was absolutely creamy with generous serving of prawns to top it all.


Chicken Taco [47AED]: This was one of the best things I got to try at 3rd Avenue. I loved the hard shell of the tacos and the over dose of cheese and chicken. I so recommend these tangy and spicy tacos to any one who loves a bit of mexican every now and then.


AWWW.. [71AED]: I loved this dessert! Except the flow pot in itself, everything was edible. And I loved the content inside the flower pot – it mainly comprised of chocolate sauce and lotus biscoff. A must try – I was in actual awe of this dessert.

My master piece [52AED]: Another fun dessert that comprised of a serving of delicious chocolate cake with some extra chocolate/ caramel syrup on the side. What made this cuter was the fact that they gave a paintbrush and some edible colour along with the dessert so that you could paint or write down something.

Lollie Ice [69AED]: One of the most innovative desserts I have had in recent times. It came with a frozen slab. The idea was that, you can place your liquid ice cream on a wooden stick which should be kept on the the frozen slab for 10 secs.Flip it over and you can DIY your own ice cream and choose the kind of sauce you want to dip it in – white chocolate, milk chocolate or caramel. Absolutely lovely experience indeed.


Final Verdict: I really liked this cafe. The drinks were a complete miss but the food and desserts were quite amazing. You should give this cafe a visit if what you read about excited you.

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦

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