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Invited to try out this upscale Emarati restaurant located in The Village near the ice rink (Dubai Mall) – we were stoked! Arriving to the restaurant, we were simply mesmerised with their beautiful interiors and cutlery. The place was packed with locals which proves this is a favourite place for people who love Emarati cuisine. Coming to their menu (which was displayed on the I – pad); they had us spoilt for choices. There was so much to pick from.


Their service was amazing – special shoutout to John, who was one of the sweetest servers ever.

What we had;

Toffee Coffee Frape [39AED]: I had high expectations from this drink but it was not great at all. Very watered down and I could taste only coffee, nothing more – nothing less. I expected at least an essence of toffee which was missing. It comes with two twix bars for a little something something.


Shake your Mango [35AED]: Ah this drink was so good. Extremely heavy; but worth it. The mango flavour was simply amazing and the drink was neither too thick nor too runny. I would recommend you this drink if you’re looking for something fruity to drink while you wait on your food.


Passion Fruit Mojito [31AED]: One of the best mojitos I have had in a long looong time. The sweetness of the drink was just perfect! Another recommended drink here. Loved the taste of the passion fruit in a carbonated drink.


Chicken Halloumi [43AED]: When it first arrived the table – I was like wow, that is a tiny portion. But when you start having it, you realize the portion size looks small but it is very shareable. There were cubes of chicken and halloumi tossed in a creamy sauce (Milas homemade dressing). It was extremely heavy but oh so delicious!


Pizza Khodra [35AED]:  Basically miniature home made pizza. The dough was home made topped with green capsicum, fresh mushrooms and onions which was served with melted mozzarella cheese on top. I am not too sure you would really want to opt for this dish at an authentic emarati place but I should tell you I loved it. It tasted really fresh and so different from the usual thick crust pizza we indulge in.


Emarati Pasta Chicken [63AED]: The pasta was lacking flavours. There was not much sauce neither was there enough sauce – this was a disappointment. There were plenty chicken bits in the pasta though, which I really enjoyed.

Chicken Pesto [41AED]: In this dish, pieces of sautéed chicken breast and fresh mushroom tossed in pesto dressed and topped with pine nuts. This was another hit. Very creamy and loved the strong pesto taste in every bite. Would definitely recommend.


Flaming Calamari [47AED]: I am not a big fan of calamari but oh boy this was so great! I loved the coated calamari tossed in some flaming sauce. Perfect balance of sweet, tangy and spicy.


Prawn Biryani [79AED]: The entire time I was eating this biryani, I was thinking to myself how can a biryani be THIS flavourful and delicious. Being an Indian, I have had all kinds of biryanis and I can happily say this was one of the best ones I have had. Even the prawn pieces were so well marinated and perfectly cooked. The biryani rice was bursting with flavours in each bite. Another recommended dish from my side. Added to the menu almost 2 weeks back – THANK GOODNESS!


Chicken Halazone [61AED]: This was from the grills. I quite liked this one because the chicken was cooked and marinated real well. Was not one of my favourites, but was quite decent. Came with some fries on the side and a dip.


Chocolate Crack [47AED]: I had wanted to try the famous ‘Hit me Cake’ forever now and I finally found it here at Milas disguised in the name ‘chocolate crack’. This dessert consisted of 2 pieces of brownie, ice cream and a chunk of chocolate which you then hit with a spoon. I personally liked this dessert quite a bit but I would have loved it ALOT if the brownie pieces were not too hard.

Chocolate Fondant [39AED]: Your usual chocolate fondant which when cut into, poured out some delicious molten chocolate. Obviously paired with some cold ice cream – it was a dessert heaven for sure!


Mystery of Oud [89AED]: I was not too big of a fan. This dessert came all beautiful looking with smoke engulfing it but that was about it for me. The dessert consisted of pistachio ice cream, a piece of cake and a white chocolate butterfly. The smoke over powered every bit of this dessert. We could not taste anything but the oud. May work for others, but certainly did not for me.


Final Verdict: A beautiful, beautiful restaurant serving some of the most authentic Emarati cuisines. Loved their hospitality and food. The prices are a bit on the higher side but hey, the food is great! Hit and misses are always a part of the restaurant so that’s alright.

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