Even as you pass by Bhukkad Cafe, you will be drawn in solely because of the quirky interiors. Such a fun place with attention to detail in everything from the seating arrangement to wall decor.

The service was great and the food came out on time. They suggested a couple of dishes, let’s see what was great and what not so much.


What we had;

Berry Blast Shake [28AED]: If you love berries, you are bound to love this. A yogurt based drink, it was a perfect combination of sweet and sourness. Extremely refreshing especially when you are indulging in hot and spicy Mumbai/ Delhi street food.

Brownie Shake [28AED]: This drink came with a piece of dense brownie which was so delicious! For all you chocolate lovers, this drink is so for you! Neither too thick nor too runny, this was every chocolate lover’s heaven.


Watermelon Kala Khatta [22AED]: This drink was really refreshing! It had a pinch of masala in the watermelon juice. Tasted a lot like pani puri water – not complaining though!

Kolkata Chilli Chicken [30AED]: It has been a while since I had some delicious roadside chilli chicken and this one satiated my hunger for that. The portion size was shareable by two. The capsicum was crunchy and not soggy like the other times I have had it. Also tried the fries version of this – Chilli Chicken Fries [22AED]: It was not that great. I’d rather have them both separately than together.

Mithibai Grilled Sandwich [26AED]: I think I am going to come back here for this specific sandwich! It was amazing. I have never had something like this before. The sandwich was stuffed with some veggies and tons of cheese. Could go a little easy with the cheese though. Regardless, an awesome street side order.


Chau Mean [26AED]: The blandest noodles I have never had. No flavours, no salt at all. Very disappointed with this dish. Would not recommend at all.


Pull Out Pav [32AED]: This was another extremely delicious dish! The bread was stuffed with paneer (cottage cheese) and lots of mozzarella. It was then brushed with melted butter which was herbs and garlic loaded.


Mac n Tikka [36AED]: This was really disappointing. They tried a little too much with the already delicious pasta by bringing in some really bold and unnecessary indian flavours. The white sauce was still fine, the tikka flavours were just not doing it for us. It was just too much.


Gangtok – e – Gondogol [26AED]: The momos in itself were great! They were succulent and good for sharing. But the sauce was the issue again. It resembled the Tikka pasta sauce a lot and therefore we could not have more than a piece at all. The masala was way too strong.


Paan and Gulkand Vanilla Ice cream [22AED]: Wow I did not expect to like these as much. They were so refreshing and soothing. Thankfully the paan flavour was not too over powering, it had a mild hint of it.


Sticky Toffee [22AED]: Served with some vanilla ice cream this was heavenly! I love sticky toffee dessert cakes and this was just too good! Totally would recommend you to have this. The mix of hot cake and cold ice cream is just great.


Final Thoughts: The place was completely booked by the time it was 6 30 pm and I can see why. I really did love some of the dishes and some not at all.

loved; sticky toffee

not so much; mac n tikka

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦

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