We were recently invited to this super cute bakery tucked away in Business Bay. They serve some delicious middle eastern bakery items and freshly made desserts.


Ambiance: The bakery is quite small but really cute. There are a few indoor and outdoor seatings. The cafe is well lit and quite spacious even-though compact.

Service: They bake the stuff on demand, so the waiting time is definitely there. Keeping that aside, the service is quick and efficient. 


Price: 150AED approx for two.

What we had;

Single Braids [13AED]: These were their signature bread bakes which are made in 3 different ways – single braid, double braid and Bisso’s braid. We had the single braid with generous amount of cheese stuffed in it. The bread was absolutely soft and the cheese paired very well with it.


Fresh Rose Lemonade [15AED]: This drink was so refreshing and also gorgeous looking. It had chopped up rose petals in it. The drink got its beautiful colour from the roses.


Manakeesh [15AED]: I absolutely love manakeesh. But this came with a twist. It consisted of Flayfleh, Za’atar and Akkawi. Flayfleh is a traditional chilli paste that they smear all over the manakeesh bread and top it with Za’atar and cheese. I so recommend this more than anything they serve there. It was hands down extremely delicious. 

Wraps: What I love about Bisso’s bakery is that they have a variety of healthy wraps which are extremely delectable. My absolute favourite has to be Blue Chicken [30AED]: Chicken, Blu cheese, mozzarella, lettuce, pickles and ranch dressing. It was not too heavy yet quite filling. 

Smoked Salmon [35AED]: I don’t really like sea food but this wrap was delicious! It comes to the table cold – obviously because of the smoked salmon. The wrap is super creamy as it is smeared with cream cheese. Must try.

Bisso’s Chicken [38AED]: This is just, something else. So heavenly and SO heavy. There is no ways you can have more than two slices at the most. It is extremely rich in cheese and cream. This is a manakeesh that is topped with chicken, onions, three cheese and cream. Very delectable and a must try dish.


Tahini Cookies [3AED/ piece]: These were tahini flavoured cookies cut in cute heart shapes. I quite liked them, they were hard and not soft but quite yummy regardless.

Buns [3AED]: We got to try the matcha buns – lotus filled, Classic – nutella filled and charcoal – butterscotch chips filled in it. I was surprised that I liked the matcha buns so much since I do not like tea at all. But the matcha flavour was not overpowering at all Loved the lotus fill in it. My absolute favourite has to be the charcoal buns with butterscotch chips filled. So soft and delicious.


Mango Float [15AED]: How do I begin to explain to what level I loved this dessert. It was so out of the world. One of my most favourite desserts of all times. This tasted so much like mango flavoured cheesecake. Each layer was just screaming goodness. If anything, I recommend this dessert to everyone.


Final Thoughts: Bisso’s bakery is truly a hidden gem in Business Bay. They bake everything (except the desserts) and nothing they serve is fried. From the manakeesh to the buns for desserts everything is made from the same dough. How cool is that? If you are ever in the vicinity, or even if you are not; do give them a visit – they will not disappoint. 

loved; Mango Float

not so much; Mughli

Call them: 04 5589800

Find them: Damac Maison Canal Views, Al Abraj Street, Business Bay, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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