Last week I was invited to try out this relatively new quirky Parsi restaurant near the world trade center metro station. I was really excited to try out this place as it was all that people could talk about ever since its opening.


Ambiance: Next to Sheraton Hotel, Moombai restaurant has been so well done decor and ambiance wise. Once you enter the restaurant, you are totally in a whole different vibe. There are some really beautiful songs from the yesteryears that are played throughout. I could see attention to detail in everything at Moombai – be it the glass that you are served wine in or the dholak that is played on special ocassions. 5/5 for the ambiance here.


Service: The service was great, however our server did forget one of our dishes from the main course and that put us off a bit. Otherwise, he was efficient and worked around quite quick.

Price: Luxury

What we had;

Mango Lassi [30AED]: Oh my this lassi was so good! Super thick and not extremely sweet with a beautiful flavour of mango – just how I like it. I am glad I tried this, totally recommend it.


Wine [38AED]


Kala Khatta Ice Gola [15AED]: It has honestly been forever since I had this and it was so amazing! He bought us the gola before bringing our appetizers and all I can say is that it was extremely yummy.

Bhel Puri [25AED]: The second I saw this on the menu I knew I wanted it. I can eat chaat 3 times a day! And I am glad I went for it. The Bhel was extremely delicious. It was a mix of spicy and sweet – just like the ones we get in India. Recommend this!


Chatpatte Charred Aloo [40AED]: These baby potatoes marinated in ground dry spice and charred in the clay over were so mouth watering. I was a little apprehensive of the potatoes not being cooked well enough and them being hard but that was not the case here. Served with some chutney on the side, the baby potatoes were marinated and cooked well. We absolutely loved it.


Murg Malai Tikka [70AED]: Honestly, the prices here are just crazy. I have had the same kind of malai chicken tikka for probably 1/4th of the price or even half. The portion size was not big enough for more than two people to share. Saying that, the chicken was very well cooked and super soft while being well marinated.


Hari Mirch ka Jhinga [85AED]: Again, 3 tiger prawns for that price? No thankyou! Now if you are talking taste wise, these were alright. The prawn was so well cooked that when you bite into them, they were so soft and juicy. The marination (ground chilli mix with garlic) did not not wow us, as we could barely taste any sort of garlicky or chilli flavours.


Aunty’s Bhuna Ghost [95AED]: My friend was so excited to try this dish – Lamb cooked on a slow fire with aunty’s secret spice mix. The meat in itself was so over cooked that she could barely chew it. Talking about the curry, we expected the curry to be good, but it lacked spices and was very bland. For 95AED. the dish was a complete fail.


Butter Chicken [90AED]: See, you can never go wrong with butter chicken. The chicken pieces were so extremely soft and juicy that I could not stop gaga-ing over them. Coming to the curry, I absolutely loved and enjoyed it. Such beautiful flavours and spices while it being so creamy! It tasted so good with our Cheese and Garlic Naan.


Cheese and Garlic Naan [20AED]: Oh Gosh! This naan was too good! It is my first time trying cheese and garlic naan as I am not so big on cheese; but wow what an amazing choice. Loved the strong garlic flavour along with the hot cheese.

Chicken Berry Biryani [95AED]: The biryani was simply outstanding. I have had berry biryani once and I have fallen in love with it ever since. The sweetness from the berries in each bite was just too good! Tender chicken cooked with some basmati rice on dum was amazing!


Kulfi Falooda [45AED]: The falooda was really good with generous portion of ice cream, reduced milk kulfi, sweet noodles and rose syrup. The portion size was good enough for 3 people to share.


Baked Gulab Jamun [45AED]: These were mini gulab jamuns that were baked in a cute little pan with rabdi on it. My problem with the dessert is how dry and hard the jamuns get. The server explained that because you’re re heating the jamuns in the oven, they will turn out to be hard. So my question is, does anyone enjoy these hardened gulab jamun? Or is it just me – who loves them soft. If you have to incorporate the rabdi, maybe you can just drizzle on top of the jamuns. This dessert was just a big mess for me and I did not like it at all.


Final Thoughts: Most of the things I tried at Moombai was quite amazing except a few – fair enough. I find them to be a little too expensive for just being a casual dinning place. Their portion size are not too big either. But maybe for a family gathering, I do see myself coming here – for a special day.

loved; Berry Chicken Biryani

not so much; Baked Gulab Jamun

Call them; 04 5018607

Reach them; The H Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦

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