Sizzling Wok in Mankhool is far from a generic asian Chinese restaurant. Indo Chinese flavours combined with stunning interiors and impeccable service; it is bound to leave a mark on you.


Ambiance: The restaurant is located inside CityMax hotel in Mankhool. From the entrance itself, you are in complete awe of the interiors. They have used up the space quite well with spacious seating – we did not feel cramped up at all. They have paid good attention to detail by having little Chinese lanterns hanging on the ceiling, Japanese hand fan, aquarium and so much more.

Service: Like I mentioned, the service was quite impeccable. We were served food hot and quick – not giving us a chance to complain.

Price: Average 180AED for two people (excluding alcohol)

What we had;

We were served with some complimentary Prawn crackers with 3 dips on the side.


We tried the house White wine and Lychee Mojito [25AED] The Mojito was just out of the world. I could not stop obsessing over my virgin mojito. We were recommended this and I could not be happier with the decision. You bet I ate the lychees in the end 😛


Som Tum [26AED]: Started off with some thai papaya salad which was so good! So glad we went ahead with this raw papaya salad with chilli, tomato, beans, peanuts, lime juice and fish sauce. I recommend this to anyone wanting to try out a thai salad. The mix of lime juice with strong lemon leaves flavour and a hint of sweetness is a perfect start to the meal. You can ask them for the veg option.

Tom Yum [26AED]: This is a well known thai clear soup with lemon grass. You can choose from prawns, chicken or just mushrooms. The prawns tom yum was delicious and extremely spicy. If you are a fan of lemon grass flavour, you would want to try this. Even though I could not really get the authentic thai flavours in the soup, I quite enjoyed it.


Salt and Pepper Corn [30AED]: Such a simple dish yet so outstanding. The dish primarily included some crispy fried corn tossed in the fire with some onions, garlic and black pepper. The corn was not soggy at all, like I was dreading. It was super crunchy and I loved the touch of chopped onions along with it. What a delight.


Crispy Vegetables [30AED]: This vegetarian starter was again as simple just as its name. We were served some vegetables that were fried and tossed in some chilli garlic sauce. The chilli garlic sauce was absolutely amazing! I recommend this dish as well for all you vegetarians out there. 


Drums of Heaven Sizzle [35AED]: These were chicken lollipops that were tossed in some sticky chilli and garlic sauce. What I loved about the dish apart from the fantastic flavours was the fact that the chicken was so well cooked. The meat just came apart from the bone and was so juicy! The masala that the crispy chicken was lattered in, in itself was so bomb! Love the lasting flavours of this dish.


Prawns in Honey Chilli Sauce [45AED]: I have had chicken in honey chilli sauce and it has been my favourite. Until now at least. These prawns were cooked to perfection. The sauce was a perfect balance of sweet and chilli. I went ahead and devoured the dish with my bare hands and I did not mind them getting all sticky. I totally recommend this dish to all my prawn lovers out there.


Dim Sums [V- 28AED, C-34AED, P – 38AED]: I loved the chicken dimsums while the veg ones were alright. The prawns one did not do too well with me – I did not like the fishy smell at all. 


Thai Green Curry with Veg [32AED]: Okay, so I specifically had to the chef in person that this thai curry was one of the best thai curry I have ever had. It tasted just like the curry we get at an authentic Thai place. I was amazed! The flavours were bursting in my mouth and when paired with some sticky rice; I was pleasantly happy. The curry was extremely rich and creamy with strong thai spices. Outstanding dish indeed ❤


Chilli Chicken [37AED]: Probably the only dish apart from prawn dim sum that I did not like at all. My idea of chilli chicken and what was served to me were extremely different. The flavours were not prominent – neither of the chilli nor any other spice. The chicken was a little hard to chew as well. I was disappointed.


Hakka Noodles [28AED]: These noodles were everything I had hoped for. The typical Indo Chinese type noodles. It was extremely satiating! The vegetables in the dish were so fresh and crunchy. And not to forget the portion size – it was humongous! Good for a family to share.  


Fried Rice Veg [28AED]: The fried rice was just alright. I did not like how the rice was dry  – like it was left out for too long. 

Fried Ice Cream [24AED]: Oh I love this dessert SO much! Crunchy deep fried outer layer with cold vanilla ice cream on the inside – it was a beautiful ending to our delicious meal. Loved the touch of desiccated coconut on the top.


Sizzling brownie with Ice Cream: So the dessert on a whole was delicious served on a sizzler. But the brownie was quite dry – I was expecting it to be a little decadent. However, the ice cream on the top made up for the not so perfect brownie.


Final Thoughts: Visiting sizzling wok was so much fun because of the amazing food served there. I absolutely recommend you guys visiting this place for some flavourful and big portion dishes. They serve Chinese and thai cuisines and I could not be happier. Definitely going to visit here again.

loved; Thai Green Curry

not so much; Chilli Chicken

Call them: 0508592082

Reach them: Lobby Level, Citymax Hotels Bur Dubai, Street 74, Mankhool, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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