Fellow Foodie: Aishwarya Rachel

(Menu Tasting)

Maybe I truly live under a rock because I never knew there was a place in Dubai called the Jumeira Village Circle. 😛 Al Karya Bakery was a task to get to, but I can happily say it was worth it. Something about this small little bakery has enamoured me.


The owner attended to us with a warm welcome and told us a bit about the bakery and all things related. They specialise in Lebanese food (yes, one of my favourites 😛 )

Ambiance: The bakery comprises of a small area with very limited eating space. The place is well lit and is super hygienic. Majority of their orders are take away and home deliveries as it is a residential area.


Service: The servers were very sweet, efficient and had a smile on their faces throughout. The food was served hot, fresh and did not take much waiting time.

Price: Super affordable along with quality food. 

What we had;

Lemonade [12AED] and Orange Juice [10AED]: These were freshly made. I loved my lemonade so much! Perfect balance of sweetness and sourness.

Za’atar and Cheese Manakish [12AED]: I would pay any amount of money for this pure GOODNESS! You need to try this manakish to know what I am taking about. The cheese and za’atar was just too delicious. Before I knew it, I had finished more than half of the Manakish. They have a lot more options from which you can choose. I am big on za’atar so this suited me the best. This was freshly made – I saw them assembling it all together.


Vegetarian Pizza [26AED]: The pizza was delicious! Not a big fan of thin crust pizza but boy oh boy it was amazing! The pizza was topped with fresh veggies such as capsicum, onions, corn, black olives and fresh mushrooms. I normally never go for the vegetarian option but I am glad I did. I could taste the freshness in the vegetables and as well as in their pizza sauce.


Chicken Caesar Salad [28AED]: Okay, so I do not remember when was the last time I had such delicious Caesar salad. The roman lettuce along with the dressing was so bomb! I loved the generous portion of grilled chicken. So succulent and well flavoured. Their caesar dressing bought the entire salad together. I SO recommend this! 🙂


Turkey & Cheese Sandwich: Now it may just look like I have been paid to say all things good but NO 😛 Their turkey and cheese sandwich is not up on their menu yet but you can ask them to cook you up this delicious sandwich. I thought the cheese would be crazy filling but contrary to what I thought, it was not. There arn’t much flavours in the sandwich but I guess that is the beauty of it. The turkey slices along with the cheese was just hand down mouth watering. RECOMMENDED! 

Lebanese Chicken Taouk [18AED]: The wrap was good, but not in par with the rest of the food we had that day. I really liked the juicy chicken along with the pickles. For me however, the wrap on a whole was lacking some prominent flavours.


The Minis [4AED/mini]: So these are cute little miniatures of a normal size dish. We tried the pizza, cheese, hotdog, za’atar, spinach and keshek. I loved every single one of them but cheese being my most favourite. These are good when you’re feeling like trying different things but don’t have a lot of space in you.


Mini Karya Sweet [7AED]: After all that, we were ready for some delicious dessert. And what were we served? Some delicious dessert indeed. So these are small pastry kind rolls stuffed with nutella, banana, mozzarella cheese and topped with some galaxy chocolate. Not so huge on bananas – so when I got rid of that, the mini karya sweet was delicious! The cheese along with the nutella was so delectable. Again, totally recommended. If you’re in a big group, you can opt for the bigger size in this dessert.


Final Thoughts: Honestly, being in Dubai, every other shop serves what Karya Bakery serves you. Difference is, what is the quality that you are getting and at what price. The food here was hands down delicious. So much flavour, the ingredients were so fresh and served with so much love. If there is one place I would recommend you, its Al Karya Bakery.

liked; Za’atar and Cheese Manakish

not so much; –

Call them: 04 4300454

Reach them: Maple 2, Emirates Garden 2, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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