Hitchki? Means Hiccups in Hindi. So Hitchki is a uber cool concept found inside Baxzar in DIFC. However, if you’re from Mumbai, this would ring a bell as it is one of the most famous resto – bar there. I was invited for their Exclusive Tasting Preview. Was it all fancy facade, or should Hitchki be in one of your top priority lists right now? read further. 


Ambiance: Baxzar is a talk in itself. The interiors are stunning with amazing seating space and cutlery. So Hitchki hands down is just as amazing. I love how cozy yet classy the place is. A super instagrammable place with statement decors like the ‘baxzar’ wall, the typewriters and so much more. By the time its 7 pm, they dim the lights and that is a whole new game changer. 🙂  


Service: The people working at Hitchki were very sweet and attentive. They also did not mind when we asked them to tell us and describe their dishes. But the waiting time for the food was crazy. One of our dishes arrived with the desserts. We also met Dominic – the chef who was so passionate about the food he served us and that was just amazing.


What we had:

  • Rasam Minestrone: South Indian meets Italian. Minestrone is an an Italian soup which is made with vegetables and is thick in consistency. So when this soup was served with a Rasam twist, I could not wait to indulge. It was absolutely delicious. I loved the thick soup with spicy and tangy rasam flavours. 


  • Mumbai ka Julius Caesar: We were a little confused 😛 We expected the usual Caesar salad but this was presented in a different way. Layered Romaine and Parmesan Papad which was not only fun to eat but super delicious as well. The salad was crunchy and the flavours were definitely poppin’


  • Geeta Babita: This drink was super strong for my liking. It comprised of cumin spice, kokum and gin.


  • Drunken Nimboo Soda: This drink was so damn good! The flavours of sea salt, sugar, dark rum and sprite went too well to make a kickin nimboo soda. The drink was super zesty and was not as strong as the Geeta Babita. ( you can opt for the non – alcoholic versions of these as well; let them know whilst ordering. )


  • Patrani Chilli Poppers: These were interesting to have – Chilli with paneer (cottage cheese) filling wrapped in banana leaf and served. The paneer was so soft and full of flavour. The kasundi and Hitchki green masala that was smeared in the chilli poppers was very delicious. For people who can not handle their spices, this is a good dish as it’s very mild on the flavours – contrary to what you might have assumed.


  • Chocolate Chilli Chicken: I’m a simple girl, I love my generic chilli chicken. So when I heard of this I was astound. But having the dish, I was (and still am) unable to decide if I liked the dish or not. The first two bites were quite yummy. These were not coated in chocolate as one might assume but instead was cooked in it. The pieces of chicken were very tender and soft. At first glance they looked quite. However, I feel you cannot have much of this dish – at least for me. The chocolate flavour overpowers the others and Im not so sure that I’d like much of that. 


  • Bhatti ka Paneer: Oh my gosh, how absolutely mouth watering. Delicious portion of paneer coated with masala and cooked in a tandoor. The pieces were not hard or dry at all and were super soft and creamy. I finished this dish within minutes of it coming to our table.


  • Very Berry Biryani: Probably the best thing I had there all evening and also one of the bet biryanis I have ever had. I do not eat red meat but I had to try some of the rice. Oh gosh, it was so flavourful, especially because of the sweet and tangy flavours of the berries. It was scented with rose petals, slow cooked rice with some exotic berries. This was served with some raita. I cannot stop raving about this biryani to my friends. Will definitely come back to Hitchki was this beauty.


  • Kadai Paneer Lasagne: Again and Italian dish with an Indian twist. Various layers of Paneer tikka sheets with a mix of vegetables, Kadai Ratatouille and plenty of cheese. Every bite was super scrumptious and very cheesy. The flavours in this dish really surprised us – in a good way.


  • Daal Makhni: Very creamy mix of black daal served with some yummy ghee rice.


  • Baaratiyon ka Swagat: Both the desserts should get an 11/10 for their presentation. This is one of those things that you need to experience yourself – no amount of words are going to do justice to this dessert. However, if you’re not so big on paan flavour, you might not like this very much. The bottom part of the dessert looks like a soft spongy cake like thing but it is not – super dense chocaltey bite, that when you bite into it, it leaves you with a lasting paan flavour which was so pleasing. This was topped with some paan pasad pink jelly and then last but not the least – some sticky candy floss.


  • Kunafeh Shrikhand: Again, amazing presentation! I almost did not want to ruin this beautiful looking dessert – I think the universe took it literally. 😛 I tried taking a bite off of the Kunafe cup but it was rock solid. So much so that I almost toppled over the plate in a vain try to eat it. The shrikhand however, was so delicious! Absolutely mouth watering. Had the kunafe been a little softer, we would have had the perfect dessert ever. 


Final thoughts:I was really looking forward to trying their Mangalorean Chicken curry but I guess there was a confusion and that never reached us, along with their Aubergine Burrata. Anyways, I absolutely loved almost everything that was placed in front of us that day. Also wish they work on their food service – the waiting time between each course should be lessened. They opened their doors to the public just a couple of days ago and I wish them all the luck and hope people do go and try their outstanding take on indian street food with a fun kick.

loved; Very berry Biryani

not so much; Kunafe Srikhand

Call them: 04 3551111

Reach them: Gate Precinct, Building 4, DIFC, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Pricing: –

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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