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Living in a middle eastern country, every other restaurant you bump into is going to serve you some Arabic/ Lebanese/ Levantine food. But is it worth your money?


Located in Barsha Mall, Baydar is very easy to locate on the first floor.

Ambiance: The restaurant is well lit and has comfy seating arrangements as well. The place was clutter free with a clean environment.


Service: Even if the food wasn’t so great, I’d have for sure loved Baydar for its warm and efficient service. Cannot quite remember the name of our server, but she hands down provided one of the best service we could have ever received. It was not only with us, but every other customer as well.

Price: For the quality, quantity and the freshness of the food, I say the price is so worth it.

What we had

To start off our evening, we were served some super soft and hot breads with some labneh which was mixed with some tomatoes, black olives an herbs. Completely in love with the bread. Melted in our mouths and we could not stop reaching out for more.


Cold Mezzeh

  • Hummus [18AED]: I have this sudden obsession with Hummus and my hunger for it was satiated at Baydar. Such amazing and creamy hummus – I have not had in quite a bit. Pair it with some of their hot breads.


  • Moutabal [18AED]: Never really liked Moutabal as I’m not a big fan of eggplant but this was not as strong and tasted quite well with the hot breads.


  • Fatouch [20AED]: This was a bread salad which was made with various veggies and pieces of fried flat Arabic bread. This was quite yummy with a bunch of different flavours but Tabouleh was my absolute favourite. Loved the generous amount of sumac on the salad which just added a whole lot of flavours to it. The salad also consisted of pomegranate which was amazing as it added so much tartiness to it. loved it.


  • Tabouleh [20AED]: Tabouleh is my all time favourite salad. Love the strong flavours of parsley. A lot of time, the tabouleh turns out to be quite bland as it lacks that extra tangy flavours but this was amazing! I love to pair with this some hummus or some chicken grills. Absolute magic!


Hot Mezzeh

  • Chicken shawarma samosa [20AED]: I read this and I just knew I had to have it. The samosas were delicious! Served with some garlic paste, the samosas were crunchy and hot. However, I did not get the authentic shawarma taste in the filling – but loved whatever taste it was bringing to the samosas.


  • Batata Hara [20AED]: I have had some really bland batata hara and here at Baydar that was not case. Crunchy hot potato cubes with delicious seasoning was devoured in minutes to its arrival at our table. This and the samosas were the only two things that we actually could finish that day. I also squeezed some lemon on the dish and it just ended up being so much more delicious with the tangy add of flavour.


  • Chicken Liver [28AED]: I could not try the chicken liver because.. well.. I could not stomach it 😛 But my partner loved the flavours and said it was not chewy at all and tasted so good. 


  • We had the mix grill which came with some seekh kebabs, chicken skewers, shish kebabs and all that good stuff. This was absolutely delicious – what else can you expect from Lebanese grills? The meat was extremely flavourful and tender. The meat was marinated overnight and the spices soaked in too well.


  • 1/2 Chicken Grilled [38AED]: This is one of their most loved dishes and we now know why. The grilled chicken served with some garlic paste on the side was one of the best dishes that day. Loved the tender chicken pieces with some Tabouleh. The chicken was perfectly grilled and was extremely delicious. If you love chicken like I do, you have to give this a try and you will not be disappointed.


  • Lamb Chops [70AED]: Ask anyone who has been to Baydar about their lamb chops, and you’ll hear them rave about them. The meat was juicy and succulent and when paired with some garlic sauce, it was just mind blowing. Baydar is killing it with their Grill options and we don’t mind. ❤

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 1.58.12 PM.png


  • Za’atar and Cheese / Turkey and Cheese [14AED]: Manakish is a popular Levantine dish – dough topped with thyme, cheese or even some meat. Za’atar and cheese is my all time favourite for Manakish but I also gave their Turkey and cheese a try and now I can’t decide which I liked better. Served hot, the Manakish was extremely delicious and mouth watering. They have many other variants as well – we cannot wait to try.



  • Avocado / Strawberry Milk shake [24AED]: Was not a huge fan of the Avocado shake. I never really like it in a form of a drink but my partner did. It was a little low on sweetness and when compared to the strawberry milkshake, I’m sorry but it had to take a step back. The strawberry milkshake from baydar is hands down one of the top 3 milkshakes I have ever had in my life and that is saying a lot – since strawberry in the form of a drink is my favourite. The shake was thick, creamy and simply mind blowing. They did not taste watered down like usual milkshakes – these were rich. If nothing, I will come here for the drink.



  • Um Ali [15AED]: This dessert, I was always scared of having because of how it looked – like baby food. but OMGOSH it tastes far far faaar from tasting nasty. The dessert has the texture of a bread pudding and oats. It was so creamy and so soothing, we did not realize when we devoured the whole dessert. I would totally suggest you to go for this. You can try it hot or cold – I however loved it hot.
  • Cheese Konafa [20AED]: Yummy! With some sugar syrup on the side, you can regulate how much sugar do you want to add to your kunafa. Loved the big slice of Kunafa with some over load of cheese. I don’t like cheese too much but this dessert was everything! Have it hot, otherwise the cheese will get hard and the kunafa will not taste as good.


  • Mohalebieh [12AED]: This dessert did not fair too well with me and was probably my least favourite from my tasting that day. I did not like the semi jelly like texture and the thin film it formed on top of the dessert.


Final Verdict: I would totally call Baydar a hidden gem. I was so satisfied with my meal there and found the restaurant and servers to be amazing. If you love some authentic, delicious Lebanese food – Baydar is where you should head.

liked; Strawberry Milkshake, Lamb Chops, Chicken Shawarma

not so much; Mohlebieh

Call them; 04 3850144

Reach them; Food Court, Level 1, Al Barsha Mall, Barsha 2, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦  

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

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