Looking for a quick bite, affordable prices with quirky interiors? Falla is the place for you. With large portion sizes and delicious flavours, Falla never fails to disappoint me.


Ambiance: I love love love their interiors. Very quirky, colourful and had a touch of Emarati culture. Their tables, chairs and couches were very comfy. The place was super clean with good cutlery and napkins. They have a small washroom there as well. (it was a super importance factor for me :P)


Service: Service is quite amazing! Our server, Ali if I’m not wrong was such a nice person and was on top of everything. Their service was quick and efficient. Though I did have an issue which left me very disappointed.

Price: Really affordable with large portions. So if you for instance buy a pasta, it will be sorted for two people. Around 35 – 40 PAX.

ISSUE 1: If you go on their zomato, you will see quite a few additions to their menu. Especially, desserts. Some really good looking stuff added there. But when you go up to them and ask them for it – they do not have them up and running yet. My question is, why do you update stuff way before you even start serving it up? There was another table on our right of a couple of locals and they had the same issue. They wanted something off of their dessert menu which apparently was not being served yet. Disappointing. Since a part of me came there for that. Also, when we got there, we were told by the lady server that they were not serving burgers. She did not give us any explanation or anything. We were about to leave when we asked the male server as to why they were not serving any burgers today. He said that they are! It was just that the breads were over – but they had just arrived. So the chef could start cooking them up for us. Okay, weird but alright. Now 10 mins later when our burger arrived, a group of 6 to 7 locals filled up the room. They asked for some burgers. The same lady server told them that they were not available today. I was so confused – especially because we were having the burger right when she let them know that there weren’t any. Ultimately, they left. I guess there is a huge communication gap between the servers. Really wrong on their part.

ISSUE 2: This is a grave mistake on their end and could end with seriously affecting and altering someone’s health. So I am allergic to red meat. So while ordering heir smokey fries, I requested for beef sauce on the side. They did that but they also had beef sauce in the fries. I had a bite of it and right away knew that it had beef in it. I called on to the server and asked her to take it away and I did not want a replacement. They did not charge me for it. But had I eaten more of it without realising it, it would have caused me to have serious skin reactions.

What we had;

TNT Shrimps [30AED]: Delicious start to the meal! I loved this so much! Tasted just like the PF Changs Dynamite shrimps. So juicy, so saucy, so mouth watering! You have to try this at Falla. The shrimps are well coated with fries and go very well with some lettuce on the side. 


Dynamite Fries [30AED]: Comes with pulled beef, gravy, crispy onions, sour creme, spicy ranch sauce and melted cheddar cheese. So this is delicious in itself – that is a given. But the thing that made me dislike this dish is the fries. The fries were so soft and chunky and that literally spoilt the whole eating experience of the fries for me personally. This time I tried their variation of Dynamite Nachos. These were BOMB! You gotta try this one out. The nachos are crunchy and the flavour along with the cheese and sour creme and the sauces were crazy delish!


Smoky Jar Fries [22AED]: This is where I had asked them beef sauce on the side and they still served me with some in it. Keeping that experience aside, these were an absolute no – no for me. I did not like them at all. You think over cheesy is goooood, but it is not in reality. The cheese was waaay too over powering. The dish included smoked beef, mix of fries, Colby Jack, Cheddar and Monterey Cheese and caramel spicy sauce. This sweet and salty flavour was just not working for me and was a complete turn off.


Damar Burger [33AED]: This was a giant burger with 2 beef patty, loads of cheese and onion rings. The burger was super greasy and delicious. But my friend did point out that the amount of cheese was super overwhelming. There was cheese in literally everything! 


Alfredo Pasta [37AED]: with chicken and mushrooms. I love this pasta so very much! Love the fact that it comes in a huge portion – share able by 2 or even 3 hungry people. The grilled chicken pieces are plenty and delicious. Tip: The pasta is super creamy and cheesy. So I normally add a hint of ketchup to balance out the taste and it ends up tasting 10 times more delicious. Guys, please do check out their white sauce creamy cheese parmesan pasta.


Final verdict: We really wanted to try their desserts, honestly – especially the lotus one. However, all in all, the vibe, service and food was quite remarkable with a little misses. I really recommend this place. ❤

liked; TNT Shrimps

not so much; Smoky Jar Fries

Find them: Near Umm Suqeim Heath Center, Umm Suqeim, Dubai

Call them: 80032552 / 04 3806646

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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