Fellow Foodie: Liya Varghese

(Food Tasting Invite)

Tucked alway in Karama is a tiny cafeteria with just a handful of seating arrangements. I had previously been to Real Momos and walked out having a not so great experience.

Service: Special shout out to Mr. Pandey. He was the star of the evening. Everyone walking in was just looking for Mr. Pandey to serve them momos and tea/ coffee. He was the only server there as the place is quite small in itself. He made sure he was quick with the order not only with us, but with others as well.

Price: Perfect place for a quick bite which does not end up blowing a hole in your pocket.

Ambiance: A small place, with shaky tables and worn out paint on the walls. I would suggest you take away rather than sitting there as the place gets a little congested.

What I had;

My friend started off with some Tea [1AED] and I had some Punjabi Sweet lassi [6AED]. The lassi was yummy and at perfect consistency. However, I wish it would have been served colder.


Next we were served a set of veg momos and a set of chicken momos. The veg momos just did not work for me. A blogger friend of mine had the same complaint as well. I was really underwhelmed. The paneer, corn, veggies momo.. none of the variants tasted any good.


In chicken momos, my favourite was afghani and kothey. Kothey was the best thing I tried there and suggest you guys to try it as well. It was fried and tossed in chopped onions and some kind of sauce. It was mouth watering and we stuffed our mouths with it. Afghani was delish as well. The filling however, was really hard and not how a soft momo should be like. It did not melt in my mouth and was a bit hard to be honest. But if you get past that, these two are an absolute must try.



Chinese Bhel [8AED]: was really reaaaaallly good! A typical crunchy bhel but with a Chinese twist. I wanted it to be a little more tangy, but was mouth watering none the less.


Honey Chilli Potato [15AED]: If you love sweet and spicy food, this you are bound to love. The sweetness is way too over powering in the first two bites but then once you get past that.. this appetizer is toothsome. The fried pieces of potato coated in honey and spicy sauce is everything. I was literally crying by the end of it – it was that spicy!


Dilli Wali Chowmein [16AED]: This dish was decent but it lacked some flavours. It tasted so typically like chowmein you would find in the streets of mumbai and delhi.


Chilli Chicken [16AED]: Now this was an utter fail. First when the dish came to the table, it was extremely salty to the limit that we just could not take another bite. Mr. Pandey was sweet enough to take it back in to get us another order of the same thing. This time the chicken was so over cooked and tough that I could not chew into it one bit. Taste wise also, it did not wow me and I would ask you to please over look this item on the menu.


Cold coffee [7AED]: This was yummy and went well with the Honey Chilli Potato. Perfect amount of coffee and sweetness.


Ended our meal with a cup of Coffee [2AED] and a tea.

Final thoughts: Real Momos has really changed from the time I rated them one on zomato a year ago. They need to work on their veg momos but most of what we ate was quite decent. Really sweet and hard working bunch of people ❤

loved it; Chicken Kothey

not so much; Chilly Chicken

Call them: 04 3411379

Reach them: Shop 2, Art Court Building, Near Rose Studio, Westzone Supermarket, Al Karama, Dubai

Ambience: ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦

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