Fellow Foodie: Nehla Sunil

Thankyou Nom Nom Asia for inviting us over for a tasting at Nom Nom Asia.

Nom Nom Asia let’s you play with various flavours and sauces to your liking. Finding such lowkey places which in fact are hidden gems is literally what I live for. They may not be on point with all their dishes, but some are really good.

I could only try a few things, as we were given a 125AED voucher. However, the things I tried were more of less quite good!

Ambiance: Its a cute place with white interiors and just a handful of tables and chairs. They have sofa seatings as well which is comfortable. Im glad they did not compromise on the cleanliness of the place. Many a times, small and affordable places like this.. are quite untidy and they could not care any less about the cleanliness of the place.


Service: The service was great and on point. Food took a little over 15 minutes to arrive – and we were absolutely famished.

Price: The servings are good for two. An approximate of 135 dhs would suffice for two people. The prices are quite good, considering the quantity and the taste.


What we ate:

We were given some prawn crackers with three sauces, complimentary. I LOVED THEM! They were just perfect and crunchy. I loved the sauces alot! Spicy garlic sauce (if im not wrong) was just too mouth watering and went well with a bland dish we ordered later.


Drumsticks (5pcs) [29AED]: I don’t normally eat chicken bone in But my friend wanted to try this and so we did. I loved them! Im so glad we ordered them, really. The outer coating was crunchy and the chicken on the inside was soft and just came apart from the bone so easily. This came with a sweet chilli sauce which was amazing! I cannot get over this appetizer one bit.


Schezwan Spicy Sauce (with chicken) [33AED]: This sauce was very runny and did not really taste that great at all unfortunately. The curry was surprisingly bland and not spicy at all. I had to incorporate some spicy garlic sauce and sweet chilli sauce to it, which ended up making it so delicious! There were plenty pieces of chicken in the sauce which were soft and tender as well.


Hakka Noodles (chicken) [34AED]: I love me some hakka noodles. And they were made to perfection at Nom Nom. There were veggie pieces and plenty of chicken bits as well. Had the curry been any good, the combination would have killed it. However, try adding the two sauces I told you about earlier, and you will just keep drooling! ❤


Crispy Honey Noodles [25AED]: Okay, we all know Nom Nom is well known for its Instagram famous fried ice cream. So obviously, that is exactly what I was looking forward to as well. Unfortunately, they did not have their fried ice cream ready for the public yet that day. Honestly speaking, apart from their mains and appetizers, I do not really find any of their desserts (except fried ice cream) worth having. They just don’t seem appetizing. So I just picked this particular one just because it had some ice cream on it. This did not leave a lasting mark on me. It was very basic. Just some fried flat noodles with some drizzled honey and scoop of vanilla ice cream. I’d say give it a pass.


Final Thoughts: Nom Nom simply spoils you with numerous varieties. Be it with sauces, or your proteins. Chicken, prawns, tofu, beef, lamb, fish, veggies,, whatever you want, they have. And I love that. This place is a must try if you want to indulge in some beautiful flavourful asian dishes at a very reasonable price.

liked; Chicken Drumsticks

not so much; Crispy Honey Noodles

Call them: 04 3929322

Find them: Barsha Oasis Building, Opposite Al Maya Supermarket, Barsha 1, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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