Fellow Foodie: Batul Ali

Thankyou Mr. Mukesh for hosting such a simple yet sweet evening for friend and I. If you want to know what Spice Kraft is all about, it is best to hear it from the horse’s mouth itself.


Spice Kraft is the pure pleasure of you experience when biting into a Mumbai-style Hearty Grilled Sandwich bursting with fresh veggies. It’s the crazy unique dhaaba-style pasta and our unique long bun dabeli. It’s the surprise of a nostalgic Gujarati thali and the delight of Punjab’s amazing curries. It’s the moment when your stomach takes control, your brain shuts down, and you can only describe the moment of savoury perfection in just one word: Wow!

We think that the best dining experiences are the ones where we’re seated around a table sharing food and stories with others. Velisha, Manish and Jayant started Spice Kraft from a lunch party in 2012, and now in our permanent location in JLT, it’s still a party! We hope it’s the best lunch party you’ve ever attended!

Our food is modern Indian, in the sense that we try to serve flavors that are especially delicious to us. With her Mumbai roots, Velisha is the creative force in the kitchen, and all of us have crafted and learned and banded together to make Spice Kraft one of those great Indian shared eating experiences that we love. Everything at Spice Kraft is a labour of our love, and  It’s communal and traditional, but the food and drinks are refined. 

We’re a small family run business with a bunch of extremely passionate people who have put in a lot of effort to ensure every minute detail is taken care of so that diners have a great experience. 

Located in the JLT, the location is spot on just beside the lake. you can grab a small snack by the lake when the weather is a bit more forgiving. 

Ambiance: It is a really compact joint with a handful of seats to occupy without it being very congested. They have popular hindi/ punjabi music that plays on the speaker which just makes the whole eating experience fun and peppy.


Service: Our server was very attentive and tried to make our eating experience as comfortable as possible. I wish I could have given special recognition to him, but sadly, I can’t quite remember his name. The food was brought to us on time and we did not have to wait for long periods of time at all.

Price: Seeing all the favourites from back home in india and re living my memories through the menu, I’d have paid anything for it. But honestly, the prices are quite relaxed and good for an evening full of different snacks with your friends or family.

What we had;

We started off with some fresh orange juice [16AED] and sweet lime soda. Both were very yummy and especially – my sweet lime soda was made to perfection. Not too overly sweet.


Next, we started with some Tandoor Platter. The have 7 options to choose from. I honestly was not a fan of them all. I found some to be very dry and crumble-y. However, my favourite was Paneer Tikka [29AED]. The paneer was soft and well coated with the masala. My friend liked the Very Cheesy Mushroom [32AED] a lot.


Paani Puri [10AED]: Good job on the presentation! Paani Puris are the real MVPs’ – no one can mess with them. I really loved the filling as well. I would suggest them to make the paani a little colder, that’s how you should have it. It was a little on the warmer side. However, you should have their Paani Puri.


Awe – Samosa Chaat [12AED]: This chaat was the highlight of the evening. I fell in love! It was was too yummy. The samosa was hot,spicy and crunchy. While the yogurt on it was cold and well flavoured. For 12dhs, the quantity you get was a lot and two of us could not manage to finish it, even thought it was the most delicious chaat I have had in a while.


Khandvi [12AED] : I have had dokhla and loved it, but never Khandvi. My friend suggested we’d get this and I am glad we did. Khandvi is so much like dhokla but super soft and rolled up. This completely melted in my mouth and my hand just reached out for the next one.


For main course, we were almost way too full. So we asked for some

Junglee Palak ka Kofta [32AED]: This is truly a must try. You need to try this curry – mainly for the kofta pieces. The pieces were so soft and so filling. The palak curry was a little runny, but one of the best palak curry I have had in a while now. 


Daal Makhni [22AED]: Completely disappointed. This tasted more like a mixture of daals cooked together, than Daal Makhni. I was looking forward to having some creamy black daal that I am in love with. I did not expect this at all. 


Paneer Tikka Biryani [36AED]: Not the best biryani I have had, but delicious none the less. The biryani was cooked well and the masala was quite yummy too. There were decent amount of Paneer pieces in the biryani as well. Though, the whole biryani was far from tasting like paneer tikka biryani, it was finger licking good in its own way.


Laccha Paratha [5AED] and Butter Naan [5AED]: My friend and I loved the lachedar paratha more than the normal butter naan. It paired very well with The Palak Kofta Curry.

Lastly for desserts;

Gulab Jamun [8AED]: Gulab Jamuns (2 pcs) were served hot and yummy. They were soft and scored extra yummy points when paired with Gajar Ka Halwa.

Gajar ka Halwa [12AED]: One of my favourite Indian sweet dishes prepared just right. I loved it! Must have from Spice Kraft (try pairing it with some Gulab Jamun).


Rose and Mawa Shots [10AED]: This was my least favourite of them all. My bad, I did not know this would have paan essence in it. One of my least favourite things to have.


Final Verdict: A real cozy, family and vegetarian oriented place. Yet to try out their thallis and Indo Chinese section. Have to come again and try more of their signature dishes. With a little tweaking here and there, this place has great potential. I would really appreciate if they would work on their daal makhni. Otherwise, most of what I had during my tasting, was kind of on point.

loved; Awe – Samosa Chat

not so much; Daal Makhni, Rose and Mawa Shots

Call them; 04 3635329

Reach them; Lake Level, Platinum Tower, Cluster I, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

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