I can’t remember when was the last time I had such a terrible meal in Dubai.

I try to find the best in alot of things and honestly, if you’d pay me a 1000 dhs, I still could not come up with one nice thing to say about Monk, Karama.

Why am I so upset you’d ask? It’s because I thought I’d give Monk a try for my mom’s 45th birthday.. and it was the worst experience ever.


Ambiance: The place is extremely tiny, cramped up and you can’t think of moving from one place to another without toppling over something. Worse? the A/C was not working 🙂 Its Dubai summers, how can you not have working A/C? How can you not get it fixed? How can you not have additional coolers on stand by? Oh actually, they did have a cooler. A. Cooler. Singular. Uno. ONE. And that too, they were so kind enough to turn it towards the cashiers counter area, where 2 of the servers, and the cashier sat. We were literally sweating and I could see the server looking at us wiping our foreheads.. but you know, zero consideration. 🙂

Service: Don’t even get me started on this.. no one at Monk could care less. The two servers at sight were awfully rude and did not care about anything at all. Our orders were mixed up, my soup was magically cancelled. Sigh, do not even get me started on the food..

Price: We ordered 3 soups, 3 starters, 3 main course.. and yet we left our food and had to go somewhere else to eat. So honestly speaking, if they would be giving out food for free, I would not be within the vicinity. 

What we had;

Dumplings Steamed [vegetables – 18AED]: These were very very very decent. They did not taste extremely bad nor delicious. Definitely not something I’ll be having again though. The filling was vegetable based and it was kind of bitter – maybe the cabbage.

Tom yum soup [veg – 16AED, chckn – 18AED] First of all, they cancelled the chicken tom yum out of no where. Everyone at the table received their soup barring me. Upon asking the server, he said we never told him about the soup. Anyways, I wish I would have cancelled it though. It was very bland and tasted more like clear chicken/ vegetable soup. I’ve had one of the best tom yum soups in Dubai and it is hands down my favourite kind of soup – so having this was just terrible in it self. I had 3 spoonful and I was done. The soup needs to be spicy, super sour-ey with a hint of sweetness and loads of lemon grass flavours.. I had none, nada. Just a little sour soup with no other flavours standing out.


Crispy Spinach Chicken [28AED]: I was shocked. In feb, I had visited monk just to have this and their hakka noodles and I was in absolute love. It was delicious; crispy and saucy. But this time it was really really bad. The spinach firstly was extremely sweet and I could literally feel every sugar particle in it. It tasted and smelled so bad. The chicken came out cold and was really soggy. The portion size is huge and I hate wasting so we tried finishing it some how.


Hakka Noodles [22AED]: Oh I absolute loved this and it was the saving meal in our whole experience at Monk. The Noodles were perfectly cooked and the vegetables tasted crunchy and fresh. I wish I could have this as the entire meal. Their hakka noodles is a must try – you can seldom ever go wrong with it.


American Chop Suey: We had mixed feelings about this. This was not that bad that you cant chew and swallow but not that great that I would ask for a second helping you know? The sauce was way too sweet.. almost like some dessert. The crunchy noodles at the bottom were quite okay and gave a backbone to the dish. My dad was hoping for a sunny side up on the chop suey – how you normally get it, but to his dismay there wasn’t one.


Chicken Sesame Sauce [30AED]: Diced chicken cooked in chilli and ginger sauce with freshly ground sesame seeds. Okay, so here is the dish that was the worst I’ve had in a very very very long time. Like I said the portion size is huge; so imagine when I say my sister and I took a piece of chicken each and left the food to be. I hate throwing away food and think people who do so are the worst. And maybe I was too, but I just could not get it to go past the chewing (wow privileged child talk) But for real, it was semi gravy and was in off white colour. It tasted almost like nothing with a terrible paste-y texture. I was going to opt for Kung Pao but then I thought I should be more open to stuff. Never doing that again 😛 


Final Verdict: I can’t see myself going here again. The evening was terrible. I feel awful for my mum, that she had such a disappointment for  a birthday dinner. I would suggest you guys you have a talk with your servers and re evaluate how they treat customers. I do not know what was up on 30th of May 2017 (date is given for if you guys want to check where you went wrong.) 

Call them; 04 4371679

Reach them; Opposite Burjuman, Near Bikanervala, Al Karama, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ 

Service: ♦ 

Pricing: ♦  

Eating Experience: ♦

Over All: ♦ 

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