Guest Foodie: Melissa Fernandes

Thankyou Nihara and Barbeque Nation for having me and my plus one over to your restaurant for an amazing evening surrounded by different sort of delicious nomnoms.

Ps. They have Mango Mania going on from the 19th to 20th of April 2017 where they have various mango flavoured dishes and desserts as the mango season for this year has started.

I can bet my money on the fact that most of you guys will be familiar will Barbeque Nation and their concept of serving grills right at your table. They have a franchise all over India.


BBQ nation has so much seating space going on that it’s crazy. And it’s not cramped up at all. The mood was very lively and as they have mango mania going on, they had various fun posters on mango all around. The seats were comfortable and spacious.

We started off with a Virgin Pina colada and Glee Chee. I loved loved loved their drinks. Its really something you should not miss; especially Glee Chee (if you are a fan of Lychee that is.) They then set the grill with the coal and almost immediately started getting us our preferred meats and vegetables. My favourite was the Singaporean chicken and Tandoori Prawns in the non vegetarian section of the grill. My least favourite was Mango Thai Fish. I normally do not like grilled fish because of the texture mainly. Also I could not taste the mango thai flavours at all. Tandoori Paneer Lajawab was my favourite from the vegetarian section of the grill. It was crunchy and had plenty of coated masala. I did not quite like the Aam Churi Pineapple much, did not quite like the combination. 


For starters, I love the crunchy Cajun Potatoes. They were my absolute favourite and had 3 to 4 helpings of that. It was crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and the sauce it was coated with stole my heart. Another favourite of mine was their Crispy Corn. What an amazing starter, really. It was so not heavy yet giving that that roadside chaat flavours.

Chaat Counter: They have a small and cozy chaat counter where they serve your roadside tasting chaat. We had Paani Puri and Aaloo Chat. The paani puri was amazing! Perfect combination of spices and sweetness. Normally, at such buffet places, you get soggy puris and the whole experience and taste of crunchy paani puri is lost unfortunately – not here though. Aaloo Chaat was YUMMY! The server made the perfect chaat with extra chillies and honestly I could not ask for more. You can customize and ask him to add or remove things according to your liking. This counter is a must try.



Quesadilla Counter: I was surprised when we were told that there was a quesadilla counter as well and I knew I had to check it out ASAP. We were asked if we wanted chicken or vegetarian quesadilla and the server made it according to that. (I’ll be posting the video of the server making us the quesadilla on IG soon). Does this taste like authentic quesadilla? No. Did I expect it to be like it? No. As expected, it was very Indo – Mexican tasting but I am not complaining. If you skip on the ketchup, it tasted quite good. They had a filling pre made and simply added the filling into the torilla and taa daa! Delicious chicken quesadilla!


Daal Counter: Barbeque Nation had a small section for their daals too where they would customize a tadka according to your taste and liking and add to the choice of daal that you pick. There was a black daal and chana daal during our tasting and I opted for some black daal with some ghee and chilli tadka. Daal was quite good but one thing that put me off was that we fried the chilli powder in ghee for a tad bit too long and therefore you can imagine what it tasted like.. tasted a bit burnt. Great idea, just mildly burnt by extra 5 to 7 seconds on the heat. 


Biryani Counter: came next and to be honest, some amaaazing biryani they had to offer. Vegetable pulao, chicken biryani and mutton biryani. My friend, who is not a fan of rice and biryani said she absolutely lived her mutton biryani. I had some chicken biryani and it was delicious! Something I would pay around 40 to 50AED for. The flavours, the fragrant and juicy pieces of chicken and the perfect masala made my evening. Sadly after such a huge spread, I hardly have any space for more than two to three spoons full of biryani. Definitely a must try.


Coming to the main course; they have a variety of options in both veg and non veg sections. I tried their paneer curry and the chicken curry they were offering. I loved them both. I was surprised to how yummy and delicious they tasted. I’ve had numerous bad encounters with buffets were the main course is just for the namesake and nothing moe. But no, Barbeque Nation went into intricate details to each and every course. There was some crab and mutton curry as well for seafood or red meat lovers out there.


I could not bring myself to try their Soups as I was filled to the brim and could not eat anything more. They have a variety of soup and I will be trying that definitely when I visit them next.

Our server bought us some hot Butter Naans to the table to accompany the curries we got for ourselves. There was Salad as well for people feeling a little extra 😛


Next, something I was waiting for since the time I stepped into BBQNATION; their desserts. You know the feeling when you are full to the extreme but some how your stomach just brings out the back up space for moments like these? No? Just me? OKAY. Anyways, I was looking forward to mainly their kulfi as I am a huge fan of Kulfis. They had around 6 different flavours that I can remember; Mango, paan, saffron, chocolate strawberry and malai. My friend got the mango and paan flavours and I got myself malai kulfi falooda and a strawberry kulfi. Their Kulfi’s are amazing – nothing less than perfection. My favourite was mango and strawberry kulfi – strawberry being the yummiest of them all. If it were to me, I’d have atleast 3 if not more 😛 They have more desserts, such as gulab jamuns, sahi tukda, coconut barfi, small bite size pasties, rice kheer, fruits and much more; catering to everyones wants. I personally liked their bite size cakes and coconut barfi. The sahi tukda however tasted partially burnt and way too sweet for my liking.


Final Verdict: A lot of places tend to compromise on the quality and the freshness of food when they offer such prices for this kind of eating experience but thats far from the reality at BBQ nation. With a little tweaks here and there, I am sure they can do a better. Special shout out to our amazing servers Ashwani and especially Amit Singh. Amit was a star and was constantly around if at we needed something silly like a spoon or a napkin. The servers were one of the highlight there. They were constantly on their toes and did not rest for even a bit. You’d think Amit was treating us better as I went there to review this place but not, he was soft spoken, kind and was at very ones disposal at all time.

**** I would request the management to check on the volume of the songs being played at the restaurant. At one point it became so bad I could not hear my friend talk who was sitting right in front of me.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.34.04 PM.png

Call them: 04 4376096

Reach them: G+1, Villa, Near HQ Fitness, Near Lulu Mall, Barsha 2, Dubai

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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