Its not easy being a girl who craves for momos in this part of the world. Sympathetic music in 3..2..1..

Ambiance: Yalla Momos is a cute restaurant tucked away somewhere in Karama. There are a handful of outdoors seatings and indoors seatings are available too just that it is a major hustle bustle chaos.

Service: The service is quick and prompt and before you know it there are on to the next customer – yes, it’s THAT crowded.

Price: The prices are super affordable and rightly priced for each item.

What we ate;

Spinach and Cottage Momos [14AED]: I was super apprehensive about this particular momo. I mean.. spinach….. celery….. cottage cheese (paneer) my very own special edition nightmare, but to my astonishment, this was one of my favourite dishes. I absolutely loved the combination of spinach and cottage cheese. The Momo was soft and fluffy and seasoned just right.

Chicken Momos [13AED]: Im not saying I hate these, but the momo in itself was a little hard and rubbery when you’d go to bite into it. The chicken pieces were quite hard as well. Taste wise, I quite liked it, tasted very authentic.

Chicken 3C spicy Momos [15AED]: This was an interesting choice I picked; Chicken momos with minced cheddar cheese and chilli flakes for that spicy kick. Had this not been served hot and fresh like it was to me, you can fathom how bad it would have tasted. Nothing worse than pre melted cheese now thickened. These Momos were absolutely mouth watering. The momos were not over powered with the cheese as only a hint of it was present in them. I really liked the combination.. worked very well for me.

Shrimps Momos [16AED]: I love shrimps. I really do so don’t mind me when I drool over these Momos. These were everything! Surprisingly the celery, the garlic paste, the shrimps, the parsley, the shrimp sauce paste all went together so well to make such an amazing tasting dish. Must try if you love shrimps and do not mind the over powering smell of them.

Wai Wai [10AED]: I first tried Wai Wai in my hostel few years back, these tasted just as good. I opted for the dry version as I was going to have some Masala Maggi anyways. 

Masala Maggi [10AED]: Again, the only time I had some authentic maggi was when i was in Hostel a few years ago. And this one took me back a few years. I loved how this dish was cooked. The noodles were totally not over cooked and the masala tasted just perfect.

Final Thoughts: I really recommend you all try this place. The momos are just something else. Other than the chicken momos, I loved them all!

loved; Chicken 3C Momos

not so much; Chicken Momos

Find them; 04 3852233

Reach them; Behind Park Regis Hotel, Opposite Bikanerwala, Al Karama, Dubai

PC: Yalla Momos; Zomato

P.s For photos please head over to my Zomato – the quality (pixels) were not quite matching up to the standard of my Blog. My apologies.

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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