WHO has not heard of Ice Lab? We can’t be friends.

Ambiance: I don’t know about other branches but this branch as no seating what so ever. So much like a drive through, with the exception of really reaaaaally reeeeeeeealllllyyyyy slow service.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 9.40.04 PM.png

Service: The servers definitely didn’t have a lasting effect on us. The service was really slow and lousy. And it’s not the issue that we had only one time; this was the case every time we visit Ice Lab. I do not like the wait.

Price: The prices when compared to quantity of crepe/ shake/ ice cream whatever you purchase, seems a little pricey.

What we had;

Nutella Milkshake [Small – 25AED]: The milkshake though came looking super cute, it tasted way below average. Firstly, the baby nutella jar was for 25 dhs, had the milkshake been any good, I would not have mind paying that much. The shake was super watery and was not thick in the least bit. Also 5 sips, and the shake was over. Over rated.

Mini Nutella Pancakes [20AED]: The pancakes on the other hand were delicious! They were soft and tiny and fit right in your mouth. There was generous amount of nutella drizzled on the pancakes and I was taken to heaven, really. Share able by 2 people.. however, “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!” 😛


Nutella Crepe [20AED]: I’m obsessed with Nutella.. can you tell? These crepes were just as good as the pancakes! With every bite, I was falling more and more in love with the crepes and hating the fact that I’ll probs be getting Diabetes real soon. No but really, every bite had a fair share of the crepe as well as semi thick Nutella. I don’t know how to convince you any better to go right now and indulge!

Ice creams [5 – 20AED]: We have tried the Vanilla and Nutella twist and Nutella ice cream cone from here. Both are really yummy and refreshing especially the Vanilla and Nutella twist.. Vanilla brings out the flavour of Nutella.

Final Thoughts; The milkshake might have been a fail, but everything else that I’ve had from Ice Lab until now has been really yummy! I say you give their Mojitos a try as well. Pretty sure you won’t be left disappointed.

loved; Nutella Crepe

not so much; Nutella Milkshake

Find them; 0501080716

Reach them; Inside Dakakeen, Al Khawaneej, Mirdif, Dubai

P.s For photos please head over to my Zomato.

Ambience: –

Service: ♦ 

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

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