Been hearing ‘Serendipity’ a lot off late so decided to drop in for a quick lunch and obviously try out one of their sundaes. Started in 1954 in America, this place is exactly 40 years older to me making it over 60 years old. Crazy.


This place is uber cute with plenty of seating arrangements. The ambience is lively and so fun with pink and purple colours, cotton candies, hanging umbrellas and various candies making it an apt place for little kiddies as well.



Fresh Pineapple Juice

Lemon and Mint [18AED] : Gave it a fresh start to my meal!



Loaded Potato Skins [62AED] : Talk about being massively over priced. I mean it would not have hurt so much if they were any good. But unfortunately, they were incredibly sad. They lacked salt and any prominent spices. This starter was a huge disappointment which led us into ordering our next starter. 0.5/5.


All in nachos [75AED] : Okay! I get it this is an American joint and therefore they go all out with their portion size (and the prices as well) but oh boy this dish was way too much and the three of us were unable to finish it. The dish in its own was really good! Fresh creamy guac, sour cream and pico di gallo just enhanced the eating experience. Then the nachos.. they were burned. I’d have given 4.5/5 for the dish but it just ended up being a 3.5/5. Love the presentation though.



Don’t be afraid of my Alfredo [75AED] : I opted for penne instead of Fettuccini pasta. The pasta was quite delicious. Nothing out of the world, but quite generic. Was expecting it to be white sauce based, but it was not. Came with garlic bread on the side. Again, the pasta lacked flavourings. Giving it a 3.3/5 .


Nachos Hot Dog [59AED] : My sister ordered for this and it ended up being nibbled from the sides and that was just about it. I tried it and it was one of the worst hot dogs I have ever eaten and I have tried quite a few. It had no spices, just plain ol’ smoked and served with nacho cheese and 4 jalapeños on top. My sister can eat just about anything platted to her but was not able to eat this. Maybe because it tasted like nothing but smoked meat. Came with fries on the sides. Fresh and crispy. Could honestly give it a o.2/5 on the whole.


DESSERTS ~ Over Hyped Over Sized.

I do not quite remember the names of the the individual desserts maybe because I was blacked out by the time I had the first bite from these sundaes. They are well priced as they can be shared among four people to be honest. But are they out of the world and worth the hype? No. There is nothing that special about them, at least the two sundaes I tried. Though trust you me, their scoop of vanilla ice cream is out of this world and super creamy and so delicious! Wanted to have it all, but then again I don’t know if I did ‘cus I passed out. 😛


To conclude, the place is great with amazing interiors and decor. The Service is one of the worst. No one came to wait on us for good 15 mins and then I myself had to call on for someone. They were super grumpy and uninterested,which was a little turn off. The food is just too much and very over priced, they should have an option for half portion at the least. Will I come here again? I do not see myself coming here any time soon. 🙂

Additional Pictures

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loved; All in Nachos

not so much; Nachos Hot Dog


Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Service: ♦

Pricing: ♦

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦

Over All: ♦ ♦


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