I’m such a girl, I’m such a girly girl. I’m sippin on my milkshake with this swirly swirl. – Nicki Minaj.

What we ate;

  1. Bro-Nut Monster Milkshake – [52dhs]
  2. Popping Cereal Monster Milkshake – [53dhs]
  3. Macaroni (Mac and Cheese) [Kids Menu] – [23dhs]

Fumé Manzil

Location: Fumé Manzil is situated in Manzil Hotel Downtown Dubai, overlooking the boulevard and the Burj Khalifa. If you’re planning to take the public transport, you can simply get off at Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall Metro Station and take F13. The second stop would drop you right opposite the restaurant. 

Fumé has two levels (out of which the seating on the second level was closed for renovation if I’m not wrong.) and a seating out arrangement. I would personally have loved to sit out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings but it was quite humid that day and we reached a little late therefore the lighting would not have been suited for the pictures we planned to take. There are a stretch of restaurants and cafés which gives Fumé a tough competition.

Fumé has quite a few things in it’s menu card. It definitely does not consist of large variety of dishes to choose from, but if you scan through the menu, you will notice the dishes are very Mediterranean and are comfort foods inspired from Europe,  North and South-East Asia. I found their breakfast menu very intriguing and I am looking forward to trying it sometime soon. I like that their menu does not scream of fancy and flashy foods. Sometimes you just need to have some wholesome and comfort food – something which is highly tummy filling and at the same time very comforting and remind you of home.

Did I tell you they have a see through kitchen? 

The decor of this restaurant gives a very raw yet upmarket feeling with its wooden seatings and tables, menu card in the form of a hanger, eye catching chandelier and lighting arrangements and unique artwork. At first glance, it looks a bit cluttered and messy but then the more you look around, it all comes together. 

Fumé Manzil
Fumé Manzil
Fumé Manzil
Fumé Manzil
Fumé Manzil
Fumé Manzil
Fumé Manzil
Bro-Nut Monster Milkshake & Popping Cereal Monster Milkshake

Getting to the eateries and drinks.

Starting off with the BRO-NUT Monster Shake [52dhs] 

As the name suggests, this is a  monster shake / freak shake. It comes in a cutesy jar-mug with a blend of 3 scoops of ice-cream *heavy breathing* milk and chocolate. I really, really loved the milkshake, not as a whole, just the shake. It was not too thick, and not too runny. The first ten sips were oh so futile. The shake just would not come through and I was not getting any younger. You have to dig the chunky straw all the way though as there are scanty pieces of nuts in the drink. The mouth of the mug was smeared with chocolate and sprinkles. Then, the shake was piped with some generous amount of whipping cream and topped with a big ol’ brownie cake. Does the goodness end here? NO! It is then topped with some marshmallows; toasted and drippy using the culinary blow torch. To bring it all together, it came with two kit kats, two straws, some sprinkles and chocolate sauce. 

We demolished the monster milkshake by taking the brownie off. The brownie was not fudge-y, as I would have liked it. It was quite cake-y and had an odd after taste. While chewing on the brownie cake, it tasted quite yummy and had bits of nuts in it. The toasted marshmallows and kit-kat went beautifully with the brownie cake. I was quite happy with how the whole drink turned out to be but the fact that there were three of us and we could not finish the shake is a little saddening.

Bro – Nut Monster Milkshake
Bro – Nut Monster Milkshake


This is the beginning of a disappointment story. The foundation of these milkshakes are all the same – the same drill. I thought maybe because I am a fan of caramel and salty sweet desserts, this would be my favourite drink of all time. I was highly mistaken. The drink, again, was a blend of three scoops of ice cream with milk, white chocolate, pop corn and caramel. It was highly salty. So very salty. And not in a caramel – being – in – the – milkshake sort of way. It had this strong lasting flavour of caramel popcorn and two minutes into the drink, I was a very unhappy customer. The consistency of the shake was very good, similar to the Bro – Nut Milkshake. 

The mouth of the jar had white chocolate smeared on it with some sprinkles too. They piped some whipped cream and placed a massive caramel popcorn chunk on it with a couple of salted pretzels sticking out. It was then drizzled with some caramel sauce, some cereal and sprinkles.

One I demolished the drink by removing the upper half of the drink, I sat there in confusion. How do I devour this beautiful chunk of caramel popcorn.. I stared at it, it stared back at me. I was very intimidated at this point, so I slowly reached out for my spoon and in vain tried to break the chunk into bite size pieces. The caramel pop corn was half burnt and it just did not taste right. The salted pretzel however was the only gratifying element in the whole drink.

Popping Cereal Monster Milkshake
Popping Cereal Monster Milkshake
Popping Cereal Monster Milkshake

To save us from passing out from the over sweet – indulging, we ordered for the MACARONI [23dhs] off of the kids menu.

The macaroni came in this cute little pan which was so unbelievably hot, which I cannot imagine how they could be so careless considering the fact that it was off of kid’s menu and that it could burn the kids hand. The pan was placed on this piece of newspaper which was a custom made Fumé newspaper and was uber cute. 

The macaroni at first look had so much excess oil floating on the top. It was way too oily for our liking! The first bite was so gratifying yet a little disappointing. Considering the fact I do not like cheese, I quite like mac and cheese. But there was a particular ingredient which was in excess. Apart from that, the mac and cheese is a fast selling item at Fumé being an highly comfort food.


The service was great and the server was kind a on his toes throughout. He walked us through the menu and helped me decide on the menu. Fumé Manzil had an open kitchen and it was so fun and interesting to see them make our shakes The ambience too was quite lively. There was music being played it was a very nice experience all in all.

Fumé Manzil

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Pricing: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Eating Experience: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Over All: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

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