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Eat Greek Kouzina


Eat Greek Kouzina

It was my first time trying Greek Cuisine (almost). I love the interior here. It is just too beautiful! Possibly one of the best decorated restaurants in the newly extended Mall of Emirates. I love how the designer has worked here so flawlessly. There are sofas you can stretch out and eat and there are chairs which are so uncomfortable according to me. 


Eat Greek Kouzina
Eat Greek Kouzina
Eat Greek Kouzina

They have a see through kitchen, which is a lot of fun to look at.. especially when they are getting your order done. Quite a few may feel as though the place is overly cluttered, because of the printed flooring, random greenery here and there. But when you physically visit this place, it all comes together beautifully and gives a very authentic feeling and an amazing eating experience.

Getting to our order. We came here only for the well – known, NUTELLA SPARTAN [30dhs] and a not so famous dessert, SOKOLATOPITA [40dhs]

Nutella Spartan [30dhs] : We were looking forward to this so eagerly. We specially made a long trip to this outlet so we could try this. But I had read a few reviews saying what an utter disappointment it really was. Now you see, I am much of an optimistic person. So I went in with an unbiased opinion. Sadly, it was truly a disappointment. The milkshake looked so beautiful none the less. When our friendly server placed our drink on the table, you know it, all our hands went to the camera first. The milkshake came in a tall glass with dripping chocolate and dew all over. There was a small donut placed on the mouth of the drink with a straw pierced through it. The Nutella milkshake was like just another chocolate shake but just ten times thicker. Super milky, super thick – so thick you could scoop it out; could be shared by two. But don’t even get me started on the donut. When this milkshake was launched, and during the launch tasting, the donut was completely different. It was shown as a soft, Nutella filled donut which you just cannot resist. But this was like a whole different thing; this, trust me, I could definitely resist. It had a sour lasting taste. The donut was extremely hard and there was like a blob of Nutella just stuffed in. The drink was still better than donut. I am a little relived that I only paid 30dhs for this, if not less. I honestly request the restaurant to have a standard quality throughout. Don’t just bring your A – game out during the launching.

Nutella Spartan – 30dhs
Nutella Spartan – 30dhs
Nutella Spartan – 30dhs

Sokolatopita [40dhs] : A greek dessert I was dying to try out. Something totally out of my comfort zone. I just don’t like dark chocolate, for me it ruins the dessert. But I wanted to give this dessert a try as it comes with a dark chocolate pie with a scoop of orange ice cream. While ordering, I asked the server if the dark chocolate was too dark, as I would not quite like it then. She assured me that it was dark, but just the right amount and that I should definitely go for this and I would not regret it. Guess what? I regretted it, big time. The pie was half sticky and half crumbly. It was not sweet enough, it was not dark enough. It just tasted of bland cocoa powder with flour and eggs, lots of eggs. So I thought, one of my favourite ice creams, orange ice cream would save the day. But that too did not. I really wanted this to work out for me. But there was something just so off about it. The orange ice cream tasted like fanta/ miranda straight up. It did not taste anything like an authentic orange ice cream and that was heart breaking for me. I left the dessert to its misery. 40dhs for this was just a waste. Had real high hopes.

Sokolatopita – 40dhs


Sokolatopita – 40dhs

The kind lady serving us was very sweet and friendly. She walked us though the menu and helped us in choosing our desserts. 

I might go here again, but this time only to give their authentic greek salads, and gourmet meat/ fish a try. 

Ambience: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Service: ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Pricing: ♦ ♦  

Eating Experience: ♦ 

Over All: ♦ ♦ 


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