You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans.
Ronald Reagan

Tea Junction
Photo Credits – Aditi Raturi / Nehla Sunil

Tea Junction at first look, looks like a super cute elaborate lodge you would find deep somewhere in a forest. Cabin in the woods maybe? Okay, Maybe not. None the less, it has a very comfortable seating arrangement, the tables are not cramped up and there is a lot of moving space.

My friends and I came to this place and ended up spending 5 hours here. What were we doing for that long, you ask? Plenty! Before getting into the food and beverages part, let me talk about their entertainment and interaction facilities. They have scrabble, ludo, various kinds of board games, playing cards and much more! This is surely bound to keep you and your friends engaged while they take a century and a half to get the food to our table. They have a wide variety in their sheesha (shisha) menu. I personally have not tried any of their sheesha, but the flavours are quite good and a few very uncommon. I have been here thrice, and I automatically head upstairs. Though the area upstairs is not very capacious, but is definitely restful.

Moving on to the food, we ordered;

Alfredo Pasta [26dhs], Spicy Arrabiata Pasta [24dhs], Masala Fries [15dhs], Chocolate Milkshake [16dhs] and Chicken & Corn Soup [15dhs]

CHICKEN & CORN SOUP was ordered by my friend and I tried a spoonful or two of it. It was honestly the most bland and tasteless soup I have ever tasted. The chicken tasted more like scrambled egg in a soup. I understand what a clear soup tastes like but this had no flavour what so ever. Not worth the 15 dhs in my opinion.

I love me some delicious, full of fragrant, saucy white sauce pasta and their ALFREDO PASTA was just that and probably even more. It could easily feed two people and at the cost of mere 26dhs, who would not love that? The pasta came in a cute white dish plate along with a garlic bread. The pasta was neither over cooked nor under. There was plenty of creamy sauce and rich garlic flavour with a good quantity of juicy chicken to bite.

SPICY ARRABIATA pasta has always been one of my favourite pasta. This pasta was ordered by my friend, it smelled heavenly and tasted just as such. It was not that spicy though, that was a disappointment – nothing that a few shakes of chilli flakes can’t help.

CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE was a very basic chocolate blended with cream milk and sugar spend, nothing out of the world, but decent none the less.

My friend suggested me to order the MASALA FRIES. If it were upto me, I would personally go to India, and demand 15 dhs back from my friend. The fries were soggy and melted in my mouth, not something you would want fries doing for you. There was a strong flavour of onion and capsicum. The masala flavour was highly muted and I was very confused as to what I was eating, what did the chef want us to taste?

Oh I guess I forgot to mention the service of Tea Junction Cafe. The service was highly poor, and slow. Took 30 – 45 mins for the order to reach us. Also then, it was incomplete.

All in all, you have to try this place. Go with your friends and spend some time in Tea Junction! 



Pricing:  ♦ ♦

Eating Experience:   ♦ 

Over All:     

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