Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.
Mark Twain


Let me start off with I love Applebee’s, probably hands down my favourite place to eat food at. Or at least one of my favourite places.

Getting into this restaurant just feels like home. I love the outlet in Sahara Centre. They recognise me and my family/ friends and are extra friendly, like they are not already. The ambience is 4/5. It is well lit and the seating is super comfortable.

I normally have a full course meal. Which starts with a STRAWBERRY MOJITO [23dhs] in MUCHO SIZE. The drink has a little too much ice. Which disappoints me a little. The strawberry taste in the drink is very authentic and quite rich in flavour. The sugar in this drink is just the right amount. 

Next, I order myself a plate of QUESADILLA GRANDE (Includes beef meat and chicken, I ask them to eliminate the red meat as I am allergic) [36dhs] OMG! The tortillas are so soft and quite difficult to explain. They melt in your mouth and not very flaky. The chicken is so juicy and flavoured just right. The diced tomatoes and jalapeño are so fresh and really adds up to the dish being a 5 on 5.

For my main, I almost always reach for FIESTA LIME CHICKEN [59dhs] I am a sucker for some Pico De Gallo! And Applebee’s bring this dish so amazingly together! With some amazing flavoured rice, grilled chilled topped with some Jack – Cheddar and tortilla chips strip and not to forget the prominent lime flavour throughout this dish! Hands down a 6 on 5 for this dish. 

fiesta lime chicken.jpg
Photo Credits – Applebee’s

DESSERT! For our desert we order these two without fail. TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MELTDOWN and BLUE RIBBON BROWNIE.

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MELTDOWN [33dhs], more like emotional meltdown. This dessert is heavenly! This chocolate cake is so moist and rich! An almost perfect chocolate cake I would say. And you might think that is all to this beautiful cake, but no! The first intrusion with the spoon, and a thick chocolatey center would ooze out of it! It is then toped with some dark and white chocolate. And how can you miss the simple, yet delicious vanilla ice cream on the side. 5/5

Photo Credits – Applebee’s

BLUE RIBBON BROWNIE [27dhs] compared to the TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MELTDOWN is my second favourite. This piece of almost fudge type, moist brownie has chunks of dark chocolate in it. But it is not as terrible as regular dark chocolate for me. And again, to top it off, two scoops of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Photo Credits – Applebee’s


Service:    ♦ 

Pricing:  ♦ ♦

Eating Experience:   ♦ ♦ 

Over All:   

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